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Devi Yim យឹម ទេវី

Master Devi Yim, a master dancer who portrays Princess Pimpa, also served as an instructor, program director, choreographer, lyricist, and playwright. She graduated from the University of Fine Arts, Cambodia in 1988 and toured extensively throughout Cambodia, India, the Soviet Union, Vietnam, Korea, and the United States. In 1990, Master Devi Yim toured the United States with Cambodia's University of Fine Arts dance troupe, performing in Los Angeles and Long Beach in California; Seattle in Washington; St. Paul in Minnesota; Portland in Maine; Lowell in Massachusetts; in New York City and at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

For the past thirty years, she has been one of the principal master dancers and master teachers in the United States. Her U.S. performances have included the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress, the National Council for the Traditional Arts, the Kennedy Center, the White House, the Joyce Theater, and Jacob's Pillow.


Our group was founded by master teacher Devi Yim (Dos) and her students in 2021. Both master teacher Devi Yim and the dancers under her direction are veteran performers with many years of training and performing with master teacher Devi Yim and elsewhere.

"Our mission is to preserve, educate, and introduce Cambodian classical dance to a broader audience." We strive to bring the beauty and elegance of Cambodian classical dance to audiences around the world while also showcasing the diversity and richness of Cambodian culture. We hope that our performances will foster appreciation and respect for Cambodian heritage.

Meet the Team

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